All New Zealand grape wine exporters will need to provide samples of wine for export eligibility. Some overseas markets may also require chemical analysis of your wine, and in this case a third sample should be sent to an MPI recognised laboratory.

Sample requirements

Samples must be representative of a homogenous batch of wine that is either packaged for retail sale, ready to be packaged for retail sale, or ready to be exported as a bulk product with no further winemaking adjustments.

Getting wine samples analysed

If you are exporting wine to markets that require an official assurance certificate supported by chemical analysis, you must get this done by a recognised laboratory.

Select from the official MPI list of recognised laboratories.

Submit an application for export eligibility approval for your batch of wine

You need to be a registered user of MPI's online wine export portal (Wine E-Cert) to complete this step and provide the following:

  • details of the wine
  • information specific to your destination market
  • the name of the recognised laboratory which carried out the analysis
  • information confirming your wine's compliance with specific requirements relevant to your destination market.

A unique reference number is provided on your application form. This number is the Wine Test (WT) number. For traceability purposes it must accompany all samples submitted to WECS and to your laboratory.

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