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This interactive map is to help processed food exporters find the requirements of overseas markets. You can search for markets by name or click on an area of the map. Pop-up boxes will appear, containing links to the information you need.


If you're familiar with exporting processed food or have visited this page before, you can go straight to the map.

What you need to know

Before you use the map, you need to be familiar with:

  • OMARs – documents that detail an overseas market's access requirements. Many OMARs are password-protected. You'll need to apply to MPI for a password if you don't have one.
  • ICPRs – these are an importing country's phytosanitary requirements. They detail the phytosanitary requirements (like pesticide treatments) that you must meet for plant products like vegetables and fruit.
  • FYIs – are 'For Your Information' documents. Most of these are also password-protected. FYIs give guidance on exporting animal and animal products to a particular market. Not all markets have FYIs.

Request a password to access OMARs or FYIs

Market requirements

The map on this page has the export requirements for most markets. If there are no requirements listed on the map for your export market, work with your importer to find out what you have to do. 

Exporting processed food

Processed food is also known as composite or multi-ingredient food. Examples of processed food include dietary supplements, fruit juice, chocolate, cereals, olive oil, and ready-to-eat meals.

Export requirements differ between markets and depend on the ingredients used. To export, you must meet all:

  • New Zealand domestic food regulations
  • the requirements of the destination market.

You should also check with an importer in the export market to find out any in-market regulations. 

Use the map to find your market's export requirements

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This map is a trial and is still in development. It is an exporter's responsibility to check all requirements before exporting. 


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