Appointing an E-cert company coordinator

Find out about the role and responsibilities of an E-cert company coordinator and how to set up this position in your company.

The E-cert company coordinator facilitates E-cert communication between MPI and companies that use Animal Products E-cert (AP E-cert). Through this role, larger companies are able to set up and maintain E-cert access for their employees more efficiently. There is normally one company coordinator working for each company – not one in each premises of the company.

The company coordinator's responsibilities

The responsibilities of an E-cert company coordinator include:

  • setting up and maintaining E-cert access for company users
  • supervising or training company users and advising them of their responsibilities when using E-cert
  • acting as a conduit for E-cert information – this includes disseminating information from MPI to E-cert users or computer systems personnel, liaising with MPI over any relevant issues and proposing enhancements to E-cert
  • advising MPI of any changes in company status – for example, a change in ownership of the organisation
  • assisting with managing E-cert risks – this includes monitoring security and ensuring there is a valid business continuity plan in place in the event that company systems or E-cert is unavailable.

Establishing a company coordinator

If you wish to implement the E-cert Company Coordinator role, you need to:

  • identify a suitable person 
  • complete the application form.

You can download the application form by using this link:

Managing the role of company coordinator

Once your company coordinator has been approved by MPI, you need to advise company personnel that all E-cert access requests must go through the company coordinator.

MPI has prepared a manual which guides company coordinators through the procedures they manage as part of their work. This manual will be sent to company coordinators once they are registered.

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