Getting access to E-cert

Find out who can use Animal Products E-cert (AP E-cert), how to get a login and the terms and conditions of use.

Who can use E-cert

To use E-cert, your company must be one of the following:

  • a registered exporter under the Animal Products Act 1999
  • a business with a registered Risk Management Programme
  • an export-approved premises
  • acting as an agent for another company that is registered as one of the above.

Access to E-cert for organisations

If your organisation has not used E-cert before, you need to complete and submit an ‘Organisation to be billed’ form before requesting E-cert access for individual staff. Contact details are provided on the form.

Animal Products E-cert Organisation to be billed – application form [PDF, 327 KB]

You can find further information about E-cert charges on the billing and invoicing page.

Access to E-cert for individuals

Once MPI gives your company access to E-cert, then you can set up logins for staff or agents who are entering information into the E-cert system. There is no fee for setting up this access.

Access to AP E-cert is granted on an individual basis. Each individual using E-cert must have their own login and password. Sharing of logins is a breach of the conditions of use and may result access in access being revoked.

Note: Your login and password for E-cert is different from other passwords you may be using on the MPI website – for example, the login you use to get access to Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs).

To request a login and password for an individual user, complete the appropriate form.

Terms and conditions

Refer to the following link for the terms and conditions of using AP E-cert.

Lost passwords and other problems with access to E-cert

You can get help with using E-cert and solutions to common problems on the help page.

Registering an E-cert company coordinator

Larger organisations can benefit from appointing a company coordinator. This person becomes the primary contact in your organisation for all information relating to E-cert issues. For example, they decide who has access to E-cert within your organisation. They can also set up and maintain E-cert access for company users without having to complete and submit application forms to MPI.

Using an agent

You may wish to use an agent to do your documentation and/or arrange your shipments. If employees of an agent use E-cert on your behalf, they need to complete the appropriate E-cert application form and your company coordinator or RMP operator needs to authorise access for them.

Addresses for E-cert websites

Once you are a registered user of AP E-cert, you can access two password-protected E-cert websites:

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