Businesses with a deemed food control plan

If you are currently operating under a deemed food control plan, you should apply to register your business under the Food Act 2014 before 30 November 2018. Find out your options and how to register.

Transitioning to the Food Act 2014

If you're operating under a food safety programme (FSP) or a VIP template food safety programme, you can continue to use the same programme – for now.

Your FSP is deemed to be a food control plan (FCP) only until 28 February 2019. After that, you'll have to meet the new Food Act requirements.

Registration takes time. So you don't get stuck without a registered plan, start planning early and make sure you apply to register your business before 30 November 2018. 

Options under the Food Act

You may have a choice about how, or even if, you need to register to operate your food business under the new Food Act. Depending on your business, you may be able to register under a:

  • national programme – a simple option for lower-risk businesses
  • template FCP – pre-approved and suitable for most food service and food retail businesses
  • custom FCP – can be based on your existing deemed FCP, but needs to be evaluated.

Unsure where you fit?

Use our Where Do I Fit? tool to help you work out what your options are for registering your food business under the Food Act 2014. If your business has more than one food activity, go through the tool for each one.

Check your outcomes and find how to register

Evaluate your outcomes from the Where do I fit? tool and find how to change from a deemed FCP to your preferred option.

Who to contact

If you have questions about registration of a business currently under a deemed FCP, email

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