Food Safety Toolkit

Guidance and resources to help food businesses understand and meet their obligations under the Food Act 2014. Resources include links to videos, posters, and templates.

Food safety is good for business

If you own or manage a food business, you know your customers expect the food you make to be safe and suitable. On this page, we've compiled resources to help you navigate what to do and find methods that will suit your business. 

A toolkit to help you

We launched our Food Safety Toolkit on 19 July 2018. It's an interactive package of tools to help food businesses using the Simply Safe & Suitable Template Food Control Plan meet the rules.

The toolkit focuses on some of the most important food safety messages.

We're sending a toolkit box to every council and to every business with a registered template food control plan. If you haven't yet registered your plan, you'll get a toolkit when you do.

What's in the toolkit?

Co-designed with businesses, the toolkit has been built to quickly promote good food safety and suitability practices among staff and to support your training programmes. In each box are:

  • posters to display in the workplace
  • informative magnets to go on fridges
  • the food safety Buddy magazine
  • the Allergy Aware card game, to help staff learn about food allergies
  • and more.

The kits are designed to be customised so your food business can use these in a way that suits your staff and your working methods. Note, the toolkit is not a legal requirement – the rules that businesses must follow are outlined in their food control plans.

If you have any ideas to improve the toolkit, email

Toolkit posters

Toolkit Posters: Standard pack [PDF, 2 MB]


Toolkit Posters: Add-On pack [PDF, 3.7 MB]


Toolkit posters: Low ink pack [PDF, 371 KB]


Other posters

 'Be food safe' poster – English [PDF, 167 KB]


 'Be food safe' poster – Te reo Māori [PDF, 174 KB]


Toolkit record blanks

Record blanks for food service and food retail [PDF, 2.5 MB]


Winemakers [PDF, 2.6 MB]


Cheesemakers [PDF, 1.5 MB]


The Buddy magazine

Download Issue 1 (July 2018) [PDF, 10 MB]


Food safety guidance

Food Act 2014 guidance

Food Act 2014: The facts [PDF, 813 KB]

A brief summary of the Food Act and what it means for you.


Food Act 2014: Question and answer sheet [PDF, 405 KB] 

How do you register under the Food Act 2014 and more.


Find your way through the Food Act [PDF, 2.3 MB]

A guide to finding out what you need to do to comply with the Food Act 2014.


Selling food as your business

Timetable for moving to the Food Act

Find out when each part of the Food Act takes effect.


Getting started on your Template Food Control Plan [PDF, 2.7 MB]
These pre-evaluated plans are ready (only available for some sectors) and might work for your business.
Also available in other languages:


Custom Food Control Plans [PDF, 1.1 MB]

A guide to creating your own unique plan that fits your business.


National Programme overview [PDF, 163 KB]
If you are making lower-risk foods or food preparation is only part of your business, you may be covered by a National Programme.


Selling food for fundraising or community purposes

Market guidance [PDF, 467 KB]

Selling food at a local market? Check this guide for help.


Fundraising [PDF, 617 KB]

Running a fundraising activity that involves food? This guide will help.


Clubs, societies and community groups [PDF, 280 KB]

Every group is different. See how yours fits into the Food Act 2014.


Food in education or residential care

Early childhood education services [PDF, 249 KB]

Little people's food needs to be safe and suitable. Find out what early childhood centres need to do.


Examples of how the Food Act 2014 applies to early childhood education services
[PDF, 127 KB]


Schools [PDF, 384 KB]
Primary and secondary schools use foods in many different ways. Check this guide to see how they should be managed.



Technical guidance

A guide to food labelling [PDF, 730 KB]

Many foods need to be labelled accurately if you wish to sell them. Find out what goes into a good food label.


Lupin [PDF, 161 KB]

Lupin is a legume that can cause a strong allergic reaction in some people. Find out how to keep food safe.


Importing guidance

Getting clearance for your food – how to import food into New Zealand [PDF, 225 KB]


What you need to know before importing food into New Zealand
[PDF, 342 KB]


The shop

You can order the toolkit and some other resources online through Blue Star.

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