Carla the Mexican Restauranteur: Starting a new food business

Read our case study about 'Carla' who wants to bring the flavour of Mexico to New Zealand. Follow her steps figures out what rules he needs to follow for his business.

Step 1: Find out the rules

Carla wants to start a Mexican restaurant. She has the finance sorted and knows that there are food safety rules she has to meet, but she doesn’t know what they are. She received a pamphlet from her bank when she was arranging a loan. The pamphlet sends her to the MPI website. She decides to check it out and finds the “Where do I fit?” tool. 

"Where do I fit?" confirms, Carla needs to register a template Food Control Plan.


Step 2: Create a plan to make safe food

After completing “Where do I fit?” Carla downloads the Simply Safe and Suitable plan from the MPI website, reads it, and starts to get a feel for what she needs to do.

It looks simple to follow. 

Step 3: Registering Carla's business

Carla makes contact with her local council to register her template Food Control Plan. The council asks her to complete

  • an application form
  • a scope of operations form.

The council confirms that one of their Environmental Health Officers will be her verifier. The council tells Carla that the verifier will come and check her business within 6 weeks.

Once she has registered her plan, Carla can start trading.

Step 4: Get checked

A verifier comes to check Carla’s business. The verifier expects to find that Carla has: 

  • filled in the parts of her template that need to be filled in
  • has started keeping the required records.

They ask Carla questions to find out if she understands how to do the right things to make safe food. They also watch her and her staff make food to ensure that they do the things her plan requires.


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