Labelling eggs sold in their shells

If you sell eggs in their shells, they may need labelling. If you make a health or nutrition claim about your eggs, you must show a nutrition information panel (NIP).

When eggs in shells don't need a label

You don't need to label eggs if you:

  • sell eggs without packaging
  • pack eggs in front of the buyer
  • sell eggs where they are laid
  • sell eggs at a fundraising event.

When food needs no label

If you don't label your eggs, but a customer asks, you must give:

  • the food's name
  • storage directions.

If you make a health or nutrition claim about eggs, you must provide a nutrition information panel (NIP).

You could display this information close to where consumers buy your eggs or tell customers if they ask.

How to label eggs sold in their shells

If your eggs need a label, you must follow the general labelling rules for your carton, tray, wrapper or any other packaging.

How to label food and drink packaging

Instead of giving content by weight, you may give the number of eggs.

More on labelling eggs

This page has information about labelling eggs sold in their shells. These rules will apply to many egg producers. There are exceptions and other rules. Food businesses must read and follow all the rules.

Standard 2.2.2 Eggs and egg products – Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) code

Labelling and selling eggs in shells  MPI guide

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