Health and nutrition claims on food labels

There are rules about making health and nutrition claims on food labels and in advertising.

All health and nutrition claims 

These rules apply to all health and nutrition claims. 

Nutrition content claims

Nutrition content claims are claims about levels of nutrients or other substances in food or drink. Examples include claims of low sugar, low fat, diet, high in iron, good source of fibre, light or lite. 'Gluten free' is a nutrition content claim.

High-level health claims

High-level health claims are claims based on certain proven relationships between foods and better health, for example, 'a diet high in calcium enhances bone mineral density'. 

General-level health claims

A general-level health claim is any health claim that isn't a high-level health claim, for example, 'calcium for healthy teeth and bones'.

Health Star Ratings

Health Star Ratings on food packaging aren't health or nutrition claims, but there are rules on how you can use Health Star Ratings.

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