Labelling hemp seed, and food containing hemp seed

Find out about the rules for labelling hemp seed or food containing hemp seed for sale in New Zealand.

General label rules apply to hemp seed

If your food is hemp seed or contains hemp seed, you must follow the general food labelling rules.

How to label food and drink packaging

But there are also some extra labelling rules for these products. 

Words and information you can't put on a hemp seed label

Your label must not:

  • include the words 'cannabis', 'cannabidiol', 'CBD, 'marijuana' or words that mean the same
  • make any nutrition or health claim about cannabidiol (CBD)
  • give the concentration of cannabidiol (CBD)
  • show any part of the cannabis sativa plant, except the seed
  • imply the product could change mood or behaviour, or cause hallucinations.

These rules also apply to advertising and marketing hemp seed, including online.

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