Nutrition information panels on food labels

Labels for most food and drink sold in New Zealand must show a Nutrition Information Panel (NIP). The panel shows how much energy and nutrition is in each serve and 100g or 100ml.

What is a nutrition information panel?

Your nutrition information panel (NIP) must show:

  • how much in a serving, for example, 'Serving size 70g'
  • how many servings are in the package, for example, '8 servings per packet'
  • how much energy (in kilojoules, calories optional) and the 6 nutrient components is in:
    • 100g or 100ml, and
    • one serving.

The 6 nutrient components are:

  • protein
  • fat
  • saturated fat
  • carbohydrate
  • sugars
  • sodium.

You must follow a set layout for your NIP, depending on the food, drink, and packaging.

When no nutrition information panel is needed

Food and drinks that don't need a nutrition information panel include:

  • most alcoholic drinks
  • packaged water
  • herbs, spices, vinegar, salt, gelatine, setting agents and food additives
  • tea and coffee
  • fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish
  • prepacked filled rolls and sandwiches
  • food in a package with a surface area under 100 square cm.

Infant formula

There are special rules for nutrition information when labelling infant formula:

Labelling infant formula

Nutrition content claims

You must have a Nutrition Information Panel if you make a nutrition content claim about your food or drink (even if that food or drink does not normally need a panel).

If you make a nutrition content claim about a nutrient or biologically active substance, you must include the nutrient or substance on your panel.

Health and nutrition claims

Calculate your NIP

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) provides:

  • a nutrition information panel calculator
  • ingredient nutrient profile data to download and use with your own software.

NIP calculator and nutrient profile data

To use the calculator, you need to know:

  • how much your product weighs
  • how much of each ingredient you use
  • how much is 'one serving'
  • the number of servings in one packet.

Find out more

Some exceptions and details may apply to you that are not covered on this web page. Food businesses must follow all the rules. More advice and guidance is on the FSANZ website.

User guide to nutrition information

Standard 1.2.8 nutrition information requirements

What else must be on a food label?

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