Percentage of characterising ingredients in food labels

Find out about characterising ingredients and how to add them to your food label.

What the food label must show

Your label must give a percentage (%) for each characterising ingredient.

A characterising ingredient is any ingredient:

  • in the name of the food. For example, almonds are a characterising ingredient of almond milk.
  • associated with the name of a food. For example, potato is a characterising ingredient of hash browns.
  • shown on packaging in words or pictures. For example, raspberry chocolate with an image of raspberries on the label.

You don't need to give the percentage when there is only one ingredient, such as a bottle of pure olive oil.

Find out how to calculate and show the percentage in Standard 1.2.10 of the Food Standards Code.

Standard 1.2.10: Characterising ingredients and components of food - Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Code

What else must be on a food label?

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