Get your RMP evaluated

If your RMP is not fully based on an approved COP, template, or model, you need to employ an independent evaluator who has been recognised by MPI to evaluate your RMP. It is preferable to choose an evaluator who has experience in your type of operation.

The evaluator checks that the RMP does indeed cover the operations and, as written, will deliver product that is fit for intended purpose. They do this by reviewing your documentation and, in most cases, reviewing your operations or observing your work procedures.

The evaluator prepares a report, which you need to include as part of your application for registration of your RMP with MPI.

For some COPs, templates and models, the requirement to provide an independent evaluation report has been waived. If you have fully based your RMP on one of these, you do not need to have your RMP evaluated. Check to see if your COP, template or model is included in the waiver:

See the 'Evaluation' section of the RMP manual for more detailed information:

Choose your RMP evaluator from MPI's registers:

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