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SFF Tere is a pilot fund offered for small Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) projects of less than $100,000. Find out how to apply.

About SFF Tere funding

The Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) Tere is available for applied research and projects led by farmers, growers or foresters. These smaller projects should deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to New Zealand, and often have support from industry organisations, agribusinesses, researchers or consultants.

Tere means to be fast. In 2018, MPI is offering SFF Tere to support investment in small SFF projects that:

  • require funding for $100,000 or less
  • are shorter in duration (a year or less) than most other SFF projects.

When to apply for SFF Tere


  • open 9 July 2018
  • close at 3pm on 30 June 2019 (subject to funding availability).

Apply for SFF Tere funding

Check your project is eligible

Eligible projects include:

  • applied research
  • technology transfer and extension
  • field trials and demonstration sites.

Your project must:

  • be farmer, grower, or forester led and clearly demonstrate their involvement both in the project and the project team
  • be conducted in New Zealand and benefit New Zealand primary industries
  • contribute at least 20% of the total project cost
  • not exceed $100,000
  • run for one year or less.

Your project isn't eligible if it:

  • is capital expenditure
  • is fundamental research
  • benefits an individual or single business
  • involves work already underway
  • primarily benefits participants outside New Zealand.

Contact MPI about your proposal

Once you've checked that it's eligible, email MPI to arrange to talk to a representative about the scope of your proposed project. We'll let you know if it's a good fit for SFF Tere and give you feedback on your draft application where possible.

Check your project against the assessment criteria

We assess applications using the following criteria. For a better chance of success, consider each criterion before you prepare your application.

  • Community of interest commitment: Is your project led by the community of interest, supported by cash and in-kind contributions? The community of interest is the group of people who need the project and would directly benefit from its delivery.
  • Contribution to sustainability: How will your project contribute to economic, environmental and social sustainability? Applications must describe how the project relates to at least 2 of these 3 themes, preferably all 3.
  • Problem or opportunity: For the community of interest, what is the significance of the problem or opportunity? Describe and quantify the size.
  • Ability to deliver the project: What technical and project management skills and capabilities will be used in the project? Who will complete project management and the technical components, and what is their background and experience in these fields?
  • Innovation: What new skills, opportunities, technology or information does your project provide?

Prepare your application

Read the guidelines

Before you start, read the SFF Tere guidelines. Follow them carefully to have the best chance of success.

Complete the application form

Unlike standard SFF applications, SFF Tere applications aren't completed on the MPI Grants Portal. You'll need to complete an SFF Tere 2018 application form (including the separate sections 5 and 6). 

Submit your application

Use our checklist to make sure you've included required information and supporting documentation.

You can submit your application from 9 July 2018.

What to expect

Applications for SFF Tere will be assessed within a 3-month period. We'll assess your application based on its eligibility and against the assessment criteria.

MPI will contact you to let you know if your application is successful. 

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