Finding a facility

Goods, sea containers and air containers arriving in New Zealand must first go to a transitional facility approved by MPI. Find out if you need a transitional facility, where they are located, and what you need to do to move goods between facilities.

Find out if you need a transitional facility

If you're an importer, your goods will need to go to a transitional facility when they arrive in New Zealand. The import health standard (IHS) will tell you the specific requirements for importing your goods and the treatments they may require on arrival before they can be released.

Note, some goods can only be released from a transitional facility into a containment facility.

Sea and air containers arriving in New Zealand go to a transitional facility to be checked, treated if necessary, and unloaded.

Your facility operator and treatment supplier will advise you about the costs of using the facility and any treatments needed.

How to find a transitional facility

MPI has a list of approved transitional facilities. Most facilities are approved only for certain commodities, and only a few can deal with all types of products.

Transferring your goods to another transitional facility

If you move biosecurity-risk goods between facilities, including to a containment facility, you need to submit a transfer form to MPI.

Find a treatment supplier

If your goods require treatment, you need to arrange to have this done by an MPI-approved treatment supplier.

Find treatment options and suppliers

PEQ approved treatment adviser

Facility nameLocationContact details
Plant Diagnostics Ltd 185 Kirk Road
PO Box 23122
Christchurch 8445
Mark Braithwaite
Phone: 03 377 9026

Find an approved pest identifier

If pests are found in your goods, you may need to arrange to have them identified by an MPI-approved pest identifier, normally at your cost. Post-entry quarantine samples must be sent to MPI's Plant Health and Environment Laboratory (Tamaki) for pest identification.

Pest identification service suppliers [PDF, 232 KB]

Who to contact

If you need to contact MPI about transitional and containment facilities, email

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