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Forms and templates you may need when importing vehicles and machinery.

MPI-approved vehicle and machinery systems 

There are 2 types of MPI-approved vehicle and machinery systems that importers can use to ensure vehicles and machinery meet the outcome of the Vehicle, Machinery and Tyres IHS, and arrive in New Zealand clean and free of biosecurity contamination.  

New vehicles and machinery

New vehicle and machinery manufacturers can apply for an MPI-approved new vehicle and machinery system.  The system needs to monitor and apply measures that reduce the risk of biosecurity contamination throughout the manufacturing supply chain.  A system may be an option for meeting requirements when exporting from certain countries and at certain times of the year.

Guidance is available for the application process for an MPI-approved new vehicle and machinery system.

Used vehicles and machinery

Importers of used vehicles and machinery can apply for an MPI-approved used vehicle and machinery system.  Certain treatments may be required as a component within the system depending on the biosecurity contamination risk associated with the exporting country and certain times of the year.

The application, review, and guidance form for an MPI-approved used vehicle and machinery system is being modified. It will be available by August 2018. 

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Other forms

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