Paying your fine

MPI's infringement notices are commonly called instant fines. Find out how to pay your fine.

Types of fines

You may be issued with an MPI infringement notice and have to pay a fine if you:

  • fail to declare biosecurity risk goods when you arrive in New Zealand
  • commit an offence under the Fisheries Act like catching more fish than you're allowed
  • break animal welfare laws.

The reasons for your fine will be on the notice along with your rights.

All notices attract a fine and are strict liability offences – like speeding or parking tickets. That means you may have committed an offence even though you had no intention of doing so. But a notice doesn't give you a criminal conviction.

If you ignore your fine

If you choose to do nothing, your infringement notice will be filed at a district court. Demand for payment will then be made by the Department of Courts and you may have to pay extra charges such as court costs.

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Who to contact

If you have questions about paying your fine, email

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