Getting an agricultural chemical authorised

In New Zealand, agricultural chemicals have to be properly authorised. Find out about the different types of authorisation.

Authorisation for agricultural chemicals 

If you want to import, manufacture, sell, or use an agricultural chemical in New Zealand, it must be authorised under the ACVM Act and Regulations.

There are 4 types of authorisation for agricultural chemicals:

  • Registration: This authorises a specific trade name product (TNP). This type of authorisation applies to most agricultural chemical products.  
  • Provisional registration: This lets you do trial work to get information on a TNP beyond what you need for New Zealand registration. It also lets you determine whether the product should be registered in New Zealand.
  • Exemption from registration under Regulations: Certain product types or groups are exempted from registration, subject to conditions in the ACVM Regulations.
  • Approval in special circumstances: This allows agricultural chemicals to be used under strict conditions without registration or provisional registration.

When your agricultural chemical has been authorised, you must comply with any conditions on that authorisation. These conditions may limit aspects of the following activities:


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