Introduction to ACVMs

Agricultural compounds are substances you use to manage the health and growth of plants and animals. Find out more about agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines (ACVMs).

Regulation of ACVM products in New Zealand

Using or misusing agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines (ACVMs) can cause serious problems in areas like human health or international trade. To prevent or minimise such problems, ACVMs are regulated by the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Act 1997 and Regulations.

If you want to import, manufacture, sell, or use an ACVM in New Zealand, it must be authorised under the ACVM Act.

What are ACVM products?

Is your product considered an agricultural compound under the ACVM Act? Read the documents below to help you decide if the ACVM Act applies.

If you’re not sure whether your product is an ACVM, we can do a class determination to tell you the status of your product under the Act. There is a fee for this service.


Find out more about class determinations

If your product is not an ACVM, you don't have any obligations under the ACVM Act, but other legislation may still apply. 

The basic Government policy is to impose controls that are necessary and sufficient to manage risks, while avoiding unnecessary costs of compliance. Several government departments are involved in this control.

First time applicants

If you’re not familiar with ACVM processes, you may not know where to start. Your product could be a surfactant, an attractant/repellent, or a dog shampoo. Check these pages first:

If you find that you need to register your product, you may wish to hire a consultant to help you. As the regulatory body, MPI cannot provide consultation through the registration process. Listed consultants are not MPI-endorsed. They nominate their own areas of expertise – check the key at the bottom of the consultants list.

Search the list of consultants for veterinary medicines and agricultural chemicals  

Find out more

Keep up to date

It’s important to keep up with any new or revised ACVM information, including requirements, consultations, policies, and other content changes.

Who to contact 

If you have questions about ACVM, email 


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