Registering a VTA

Find out what information you need to give MPI if you want to register a vertebrate toxic agent or change an existing registration.

Defining registration

Registration means obtaining authorisation under section 21 of the ACVM Act for importing, manufacturing, selling, or using a trade name product in New Zealand. It is an approval to market your VTA. 

To manage risks, all registered VTAs have conditions placed on their registration. There are 3 groups of VTAs:

  • Unrestricted sale and unrestricted use
  • Restricted sale and unrestricted use
  • Restricted sale and restricted use.

The category is determined by MPI during registration. For more about the process, including timeframes, read:

How to register your product

To register your VTA, you need to fill out the application form (product data sheet) and send it to us, along with all the required information. The following documents help you through the process. Read the information requirements document first.

Registration and product datasheet vertebrate toxic agents

Application form and product data sheet for registration (or variation of registration) of a vertebrate toxic agent.

Look at the compliance documents for VTAs to find information requirements on these topics: chemistry, manufacturing, efficacy, and labelling.

For animal welfare and residue requirements, contact MPI.


If you are unsure of how to register your product, you should hire a consultant to help you. As the regulatory body, MPI cannot provide consultation through the registration process. Listed consultants, who are not MPI-endorsed at this stage, nominate their own areas of expertise. Refer to the key at the bottom of the list.

Data assessment

All required data must be assessed by MPI or by a third party before an application can be put into the system. Data assessment is generally quicker if you engage an independent consultant.

You may choose to do your own data assessment, but reports must be made by an independent assessor. In-house assessors or assessors related to your company in some way are not acceptable, owing to conflict of interest issues. Your registration consultant cannot also be your data assessor.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the person doing the data assessment has appropriate qualifications. If a data assessor is not already known to us, you must include their CV along with your application. 

If you think some of the required information may not be necessary in your case, read:

Making changes

To make a change to your product registration, you need two forms: (1) the Variation to registration of an ACVM product (ACVM 1V) application form and (2) the relevant form for the type of change you wish to make (ACVM 6 – 14, as specified in section 3 of the Variation form).

When we receive your variation application, we will determine whether the change requested is minor or major. A change is considered minor if the information can be summarised in the application and if it requires minimal supporting data.

  • Minor changes require limited regulatory appraisal, so are quicker to process.
  • Major changes require more assessment and may require additional information.

We will inform you by email as to whether your application falls into the minor or major category.

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