Default withholding periods for veterinary medicines

View a list of witholding periods for veterinary medicines used on various types of animals.


The following is a list of default withholding periods applied to the registration of veterinary medicines where no residue data are provided. The figures have been arrived at following consideration of all residue data provided to MPI and can be considered conservative.

These withholding periods do not apply to sustained release formulations because the withholding period must apply to the time after the release period, not after administration.



    Meat 63 days 
    Eggs 10 days


  • RUMINANTS (including deer) 

    Meat 91 days 
    Milk 35 days



    Meat 63 days


  • LAGOMORPHA (e.g. rabbits)

    Meat 63 days


  • MONOGASTRICS (e.g. pigs, horses)

    Meat 63 days



    Meat 35 days

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