Own use of veterinary medicines

Find out about using chemicals to treat your own animals.

Own-use exemptions

The ACVM Regulations have an exemption that allows you to use generic chemicals (that is, products that aren't marketed as veterinary medicines) to treat your own animals. While doing so, you are responsible for managing the risks to animal welfare. You must also not cause residues in produce you sell for human consumption.

The own-use exemption doesn't apply if you're doing research to generate data for product registration. In this case, you need a provisional registration or a research approval.

Find out about provisional registration or special circumstances:

The following generic chemicals are excluded from the own-use exemption, unless you have an operating plan approved by MPI:

  • active ingredients that are prescription medicines or restricted medicines (as defined in the Medicines Act 1981)
  • antibiotic active ingredients
  • hormones
  • substances that are prohibited by countries importing New Zealand primary produce
  • vertebrate toxic agents.
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