Registering for NMD

If you’re a primary processor of meat, poultry, game or ratites, you need to register as a participant on the National Microbiological Database (NMD) programme.

Who needs to register

Mandatory registration

You need to register your premises on the NMD programme and provide weekly sampling and analysis if you are a primary processor of any of these species:

  • bovine
  • bobby calves
  • caprine
  • cervine
  • emu
  • ostrich
  • ovine
  • porcine
  • poultry.

Primary processing premises are those that receive live animals for slaughter, dressing or other processing into forms suitable for human consumption. This applies whether the product is intended for export or sale within New Zealand.

How to register

To register on the NMD programme:

  1. Contact the NMD Administrator.
  2. Complete and submit the appropriate demographic questionnaires for your operation.

Find the demographic questionnaires for your operation:

Contact the NMD administrator:

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