Becoming a wine verifier

Find out the application process and requirements for becoming recognised as an agency and/or person to peform verification under the Wine Act 2003.

To perform verification under the Wine Act 2003, you must be:

  • a recognised person
  • employed or engaged by an agency that is also recognised under the Act.

New Zealand Legislation: Wine Act 2003  

Find information about the application process for:

Conditions of recognition for verifiers

Once you become recognised to undertake wine verification, you are subject to notices issued under section 57(1) of the Wine Act. Find out more in this notice:

You can find requirements for various verification activities in the following notice:

Recognition – refusal, withdrawal, surrender, substitution

In addition to the standard recognition conditions, you may be granted recognition with other conditions. MPI may revoke, amend or add these conditions at any time. You can find further information in Section 76 of the Wine Act 2003. If any change is made to the conditions of your recognition, you will be notified in writing.

Refusal of recognition

MPI can refuse your application if you do not demonstrate that you meet the criteria. Refer to Section 78 of the Wine Act 2003.

Withdrawal of recognition

MPI may withdraw recognition of a recognised agency or person. Withdrawal is notified in writing and can be made at any time. Refer to section 79 of the Wine Act 2003.

Surrender of recognition

Recognised persons or agencies may choose to surrender their recognition. Refer to section 80 of the Wine Act 2003.

Substituted notice of recognition

In certain cases, MPI may cancel an existing recognition and issue a new notice of recognition. Refer to section 81 of the Wine Act 2003.

Reviewing decisions

If MPI refuses an application, varies any condition or withdraws recognition for you or your agency, you can request a review of that decision. Refer to section 82 of the Wine Act 2003.

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