Becoming a recognised agency

Learn about the application process and requirements for becoming recognised as an agency to perform verification under the Wine Act 2003.

Any organisation that wishes to become a recognised agency under the Wine Act 2003 must demonstrate that they meet the criteria in section 69 of the Act and clause 7 of the Wine (Recognised Agencies and Persons) Notice 2010.

Agencies applying for recognition must be able to manage and supply verification functions and activities. MPI assesses an agency's:

  • competencies and resources
  • reputation, including the reputation of its managing directors
  • ability to maintain an appropriate degree of impartiality and independence.

You can apply to be a recognised agency if there is only one person in the agency.

Accreditation to ISO 17020

Clause 7 of the Wine (Recognised Agencies and Persons) Notice 2010 requires agencies to be accredited in one of the following ways:

  • accredited by an accreditation body to ISO 17020 as a Type A inspection body
  • in accordance with any alternative standard approved by the Director General as a generally equivalent qualification for a recognised agency.

Applying for temporary recognition

To obtain temporary recognition, you need to submit:

  • a completed recognised agency application form (WA8) with payment
  • copies of your documented policies and procedures.

WA8 – Recognised agency [PDF, 547 KB]

Completing the WA8 form

When you complete the form, you must disclose any convictions. This gives MPI written authority to obtain a report from the police of any recorded convictions. Convictions relating to crimes of dishonesty are particularly relevant. Convictions for other types of offences may also be relevant depending on the type of offence, its severity and the length of time since conviction. All information remains confidential.

Your completed form must be accompanied by a fee when you send it to MPI. You can find where to send your application and the fee and on the WA8 form.

Find out more about payments

Providing documented policies and procedures

Your policies and procedures must ensure that:

  • all relevant legal requirements relating to wine verification are complied with
  • the results and reports of verification functions and activities are communicated to the wine businesses to which they relate and to MPI
  • only recognised persons perform functions and activities for the purposes of the Wine Act
  • issues relating to complaints and appeals, conflicts of interest, commercial confidentiality and impartiality are appropriately managed.

MPI has standard policies for recognised agencies that you may use in the absence of your own policies.

Recognised agency policies 

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