Verification reporting requirements

Verifiers and agencies must report to Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) operators, the Wine Export Certification Service (WECS) and MPI.

Recognised persons – verifiers

Verifiers have two main reporting responsibilities following a verification visit:

  • completing the verification report and return
  • reporting any critical non-compliance.

Completing verification reports

Verifiers complete verification reports using a template provided by MPI. The first page must be completed. The remaining pages in the template are a guide only. Verifiers can develop their own reporting template, as long as it covers Wine Act and any relevant export requirements.

The report must clearly state:

  • the outcome of the verification visit – whether it is acceptable or unacceptable
  • any non-compliances and corrective action requests (CARs), including agreed close-out dates for these.

Reporting to the WSMP operator

Within 5 working days of the verification visit, the verifier:

  • sends the report to the Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) operator
  • provides a copy for the recognised agency.

Reporting to the Wine Export Certification Service (WECS)

In addition, the verifier must send the first page of the template to the WECS, which is the administrative body for wine export certification. The report provides a compliance history and documentation demonstrating the wine was made under a registered WSMP. This information is necessary if the operator wants to export wine now or in the future.

Reporting to MPI

As a condition of recognition or by issue of Notices under section 11 of the Wine Act, some verifiers must provide verification reports to MPI. MPI advises verifiers when they have met these conditions of recognition.

Critical non-compliance reports

If a critical non-compliance is identified during verification, verifiers must report it to MPI within 24 hours.

Verifiers and agencies can develop their own critical non-compliance report or use the template provided by MPI.

Recognised agencies – quarterly reporting

Recognised agencies must send a summary of their wine verification activities to MPI every quarter.

The dates for submitting quarterly reports are:

  • Quarter 1 – last Friday in April (for verifications between January and March)
  • Quarter 2 – last Friday in July (for verifications between April and June)
  • Quarter 3 – last Friday in October (for verifications between July and September)
  • Quarter 4 – last Friday in January (for verifications between October and December)

Reports can be sent to MPI by emailing 

Reporting no verification activity

If you have not completed any verifications for the quarterly reporting period, you do not need to complete and send the quarterly reporting template. However, you still need to inform MPI that you have not competed any verifications for the quarter by emailing 

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