Safeguarding our Animals, Safeguarding our Reputation

The Safeguarding programme encourages everyone to take responsibility for the welfare of animals.

Improving voluntary compliance

The Safeguarding our Animals, Safeguarding our Reputation programme is about improving voluntary compliance of animal welfare laws. Activities include:

  • developing resources to support farmers and veterinarians
  • educating people who work with production animals through workshops and conferences
  • improving awareness and use of the codes of welfare.

The Animal Welfare Act, regulations and Codes of Welfare

The aim of the programme is to educate owners and persons in charge of animals about their animal welfare responsibilities provided in the codes of welfare to improve compliance with the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

The codes provide information about the minimum standards required and recommended best practices. We encourage everyone who is an owner or a person that works with animals to be familiar with the code of welfare for their species or situation (for example, the Code of Welfare for Transport within New Zealand 2011).

Amendments to the Animal Welfare Act in 2015 allowed for the development of animal welfare regulations. Most regulations are still in development. They are based heavily on the minimum standards found in codes of welfare.

Two regulations were brought into force on 1 August 2016. These regulations cover the treatment and transportation of young calves, and make changes to the rules about exporting live animals. More regulations will be released as they are developed.

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