Situation report

Latest updates on Mycoplasma bovis and infected properties.

Infected properties by region

Nationally, the number of 'active' infected properties as at 19 July 2018 is 40.

All active infected properties are under quarantine controls. These controls restrict the movement of stock and equipment on and off those farms to contain the disease. Active infected properties have yet to be depopulated, cleaned, and have their restrictions lifted.





Infected properties 




Hawke's Bay (Hastings) 2 1
Manawatū (Pahīatua) 1 1
Waikato (Cambridge) 2 2
Wairarapa 1 1
Canterbury 24 18
Otago 8 4
Southland 17 13

A map showing properties under legal controls

Our map shows properties (as at 6 July 2018) under:

  • Restricted Place Notices (including infected properties)
  • Notices of Direction.

Download the map [PDF, 2 MB]

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